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Excuse me, sir--your socks are on fire
Excuse me, sir--your socks are on fire
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Utica, NY : North Country Books, 2005.
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x, 221 pages : maps ; 23 cm.
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"The life and times of a wilderness park ranger in the Adirondack mountains"--from front cover.
Tower life -- Pillsbury Mountain : week of the hex -- The hex continues -- More tower life -- Pillsbury mountain finally reports a fire -- That cursed paperwork! -- More times with John -- Teaching Don the ropes -- A hard night at Whitehouse -- Campsite bears, the interview -- Training week -- Final preps -- Mountain attitudes -- Summer distractions -- Long Island folks -- Meeting up with John -- Crossing the Jessup -- It must be a sign -- "1051, this is 1052" -- Leighton's hermitage -- Campfires -- Simon's midnight madness -- Practical jokes -- Blending in -- The streaker -- Born Adirondack -- Lost! -- Bob learns a new respect for the Adirondacks -- Bible schoolers and backwoods boozers -- DEC stew -- Moving up the hill -- Lean-to-living -- Mental snapshots -- Through hikers -- Food -- Bugs -- Ranger Larry's neighborhood -- Leaving the trail : the final week in the woods -- Reflections.
Excuse Me, Sir...Your socks are on Fire is a book about the experiences of a Wilderness Park Ranger in the Adirondack Mountains. The author, who spent three years living in the backwoods of the West Canada Lakes Wilderness area, tells the colorful stories of the hikers, sportsmen, and local residents of the southern Adirondacks. Written from a comical viewpoint, this book will be universally enjoyed for its insights on human nature as well as its descriptions of life in the back country.
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Your socks are on fire.


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