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100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents : Straight Answers to Teens' Questions About Sex, Sexuality, and Health
100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents : Straight Answers to Teens' Questions About Sex, Sexuality, and Health
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Revised Edition.
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New York : Roaring Brook Press, c2013.
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xiii, 140 pages ; 19 cm.
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"Originally published in 2007 by Uppman Publishing, a division of Colevan International, LLC, Richmond, Virginia."--t.p. verso
What does an orgasm feel like? -- When I have sex the first time, will people be able to tell? -- Can a girl get pregnant if she doesn't orgasm? -- What is a wet dream? -- How old do I have to be to buy condoms? -- At what age do people usually start having sex? -- Am I still a virgin if I use a tampon? -- Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex during her period? -- I haven't hit puberty yet. What's wrong with me? -- What's the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation? -- Do a guy's balls really "drop" during puberty? -- Can a guy wear a condom during oral sex? -- Is my penis a normal size? -- Will condoms protect me from all diseases? -- Can I get HIV from kissing? From oral sex? -- How can I get free and confidential STD testing? -- What's the best birth control? -- Does douching after sex prevent pregnancy? -- What are the first signs of puberty? -- Does alcohol really kill brain cells? -- What is pre-ejactulate? -- My breasts are two different sizes. Is this normal? -- What is a cold sore? -- Where can I get confidential answers to my questions about sex? -- How much semen is there when a guy ejaculates? -- Are depression and being sad the same thing? -- What is oral sex? -- Is it normal to get an erection for no reason at all? -- Is smoking safe if I don't inhale? -- How will I know when I'm ready to have sex? -- Are tampons less safe than pads? -- What are anorexia and bulimia? -- Can a virgin get an STD? -- How do I bring up using a condom with my partner? -- Does the first time hurt? -- How do I tell my boyfriend (or girlfriend) that I'm not ready for sex? -- How old do I have to be to get birth control? -- How can I tell if a guy is a virgin? -- Can STDs ever be completely gotten rid of? -- What does a circumcised penis look like? An uncircumcised one? -- With all the condoms out there, how can I know which one to pick? -- How do I put a condom on? -- What is the G-spot? -- What can I do if I just had unprotected sex? -- Do all girls bleed the first time they have sex? -- I'm pregnant. What do I do now? -- What does a vagina look like? A penis? -- My friend thinks she's gay. What should I say? -- Can a girl get pregnant even if the penis doesn't enter her vagina? -- What is a hickey? -- How do steroids work? -- What does "sexual orientation" mean? -- One of my testicles hangs lower than the other. Is this normal? -- What is this discharge that sometimes comes from my penis (or vagina)? -- My mom tried drugs once, so why shouldn't I? -- Do I have to swallow? -- What is the morning-after pill? -- How do you kiss? -- What is anal sex? -- I'm unsure about my sexual orientation. What do I do? -- What's the best way to prevent catching an STD? -- What makes a penis get erect? -- What's a clitoris and is it important? -- Do girls ejacualte? -- How often do peope have sex? -- If I talk to my doctor about having sex, will he or she tell my parents? -- Does the withdrawal method of birth control work? -- How do I tell my mom or dad that I'm ready to have sex? -- What is a French kiss? -- How can I ask my partner to get tested for STDs? -- Does masturbating have any long-term, negative effects? -- Does the size of a guy's foot really predict his penis size? -- Are my labia normal? -- Does drinking beer get you less drunk than drinking a shot of liquor? -- What is an aphrodisiac? -- People bully me. What can I do? -- What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? -- I've thought seriously about suicide. What should I do? -- How much can I drink before I shouldn't drive? -- Which helps cure a hangover faster: aspirin or coffee? -- What does " popping the cherry" mean? -- My vagina has a certain odor. Is this normal? -- How can I prevent premature ejaculation? -- Can a guy who hasn't gone through puberty ejaculate? -- What is cunnilingus? -- What do I say to my friend to help her stop cutting herself? -- My breasts are lumpy. Is this normal? -- She can't get pregnant, so do I need to wear a condom when having anal sex? -- Is it ok to go out with my friend's ex if my friend was the one who dumped the person? -- Why do my parents always tell me to wait before having sex? -- How do I come out to my parents? -- Where can I get free birth control? -- How many times can a girl orgasm during sex? A guy? -- I've heard that pot isn't as dangerous as some other drugs, true or false? -- How do I use a female condom? -- Does a guy have to go to a special doctor like a girl does? -- I said "no" to sex and my partner didn't stop. What do I do now? -- Can a girl get pregnant i fa guy ejaculates next to her in a pool? -- Can I really die from huffing? -- How long does sex usually last?.
A guide for teens about sex and related topics draws on the expertise of a psychologist and an OB/GYN to offer answers to questions on a wide range of subjects that teenagers may be reluctant to discuss with adults.
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One hundred questions you'd never ask your parents.

One hundred questions you would never ask your parents.

Straight answers to teens' questions about sex, sexuality, and health.


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