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Forty-eight hours
48 hours
First edition.
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New York, NY : Forge, 2019.
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334 pages ; 25 cm
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"A Tom Doherty Associates Book."
"From the author of the smash hit, New York Times bestselling One Second After series comes a thriller in which the survival of humanity itself is at stake. The countdown is on. In less than forty eight hours, Earth will be hit by a major solar storm. At first, it is thought to be a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that will severely damage our world's electronic infrastructure. A crisis to be certain, but one that can be survived--until something far more frightening is discovered by NASA's solar observation teams. It is not just a CME. The sun is about to let loose with a solar explosion of such intensity it will result in an ELE, an "Extinction Level Event." A final hour might be approaching that could see the near extinction of all life on earth. How will humanity reaction to such news? How would you react?" -- Provided by publisher.


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From the New York Times bestselling author of the smash hit One Second After series comes 48 Hours, a nail-biting and prescient thriller about a solar storm with the power to destroy the world's electrical infrastructure

In 48 hours, the Earth will be hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun, a "Carrington Event" that has the power to shut down and possibly destroy the world's electrical infrastructure. To try and prevent permanent damage, everything goes dark prior to the hit: global communications are shut down; hospital emergency generators are disconnected; the entire internet, media broadcasting, and cell phone systems are turned off.

Will the world's population successfully defend itself in the wake of the CME, or will mass panic lead to the breakdown of society as we know it?

William R. Forstchen is at his best in 48 Hours, a tale of the resilience of American citizens when faced with a crisis.

Author Notes

Writer and educator William R. Forstchen was born in New Jersey in 1950. He received a B.A. from Rider College in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and a M.A. in European history and a Ph.D. in military history from Purdue University.

Forstchen teaches at Montreat College in Asheville, North Carolina.

Forstchen uses his knowledge of military history to create science fiction stories of other universes and societies. His series include Gamestar Wars, Ice Prophet, and The Lost Regiment. He is also the co-author with Newt Gingrich of 1945, an alternative history of World War II. His other stand-alone novels include The Four Magics, Doctors of the Night, One Second After and its sequel, One Year After which hit the New York Times Bestseller list in September 2015.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

A solar storm known as a coronal mass ejection has struck Earth in this intelligent near-future thriller from bestseller Forstchen (The Final Day), his best book to date. Parts of the U.S. are without electricity, and some cities declare martial law to maintain control. But even as Americans struggle to deal with limited resources, a team of astronomers at the Helio Observation Center, headed by Dr. Richard Carrington, have detected an intense solar flare, nicknamed Sauron's Eye, which has the potential of wiping out humanity. Carrington is summoned to the White House to report his findings directly to the president, who wrestles over how to respond without causing mass panic. Meanwhile, Darren Brooks, a former police chief who now heads security at a massive underground storage facility in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., must resolve a moral dilemma after he learns that the site, which includes supplies that could enable thousands to survive the calamity, is to be taken over by the military. Fans of apocalyptic thrillers such as the movie Deep Impact will be engrossed. Agent: Eleanor Wood, Spectrum Literary. (Jan.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.