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Aru Shah and the song of death

A Pandava novel ;

Pandava novel.
Aru Shah and the song of death
Personal Author:
First edition.
Publisher Info:
Los Angeles ; New York : Disney Hyperion, [2019]
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381 pages ; 22 cm.
A Pandava novel ; book two

Pandava novel.
General Note:
"Rick Riordan presents."
New demon who dis? -- Keeping up with the pandavas -- Aru Shah : demigod and hamster impersonator -- We literally just went on a quest -- This is fine. Really -- The warehouse of quest materials, aka "do not touch that" -- Who doesn't like vegan granola? -- Swans are the worst -- That one time I got incinerated -- That went well...not -- Terminal C. Get it? LOL -- Aru Shah is a piece of sushi -- I mean, technically, we're family -- Heeeere, monstrous kitty! -- No, I can't sing. Leave me alone. Mini gets a (spooky) new power -- Uloopi's secret -- A chocolatey truce -- Dehhhh-spah-CITO -- I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me -- The dangerous samosa -- Aiden brings the smolder -- Leave the rock outta this -- Mistakes have been made.... -- And then came the fiery crows -- Cows are officially cancelled -- Sage durvasa curses -- We'll even throw in starvation for free! -- Did your parents really name you sparky? -- Brynne Loses an eating contest -- Aru Shah is on fire. No, but seriouslu, Like, fire fire. This is not a drill -- Presents from Uncle Agni -- But real talk, where are the cookies? Oh No! Oh No! Oh, wait a minute.... -- Hello, new friend! -- The tale of the demon princess -- Lady M makes a request -- Who's the heartless one now? -- Shadowfax saves the day -- Well, this is awkward -- You shall not pass! -- There and back again, an Aru tale.
Accused of stealing the god of love's bow and arrow, Aru has ten days to find the real thief or risk being kicked out of the Otherworld.


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